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With over 35 years combined experience in transactional TV,
we’re your reliable partner.

Align Broadcasting uniquely engages your transactional TV objectives with content that’s tailored to consumer demands. Our client oriented category management philosophy focuses on optimizing affiliate revenue through extensive, proprietary data. Align digs deep to provide crucial information shaped by consumption trends, performance reports, unique analysis and the follow-up support to improve your business dynamic. Our visionary team is poised to deliver the right content to consumers efficiently and reliably. Utilizing the enormous resources of our parent company DataTech Global, Align broadcasting has all of the pieces in place to give you refreshing and informative category insight and your viewers the most in demand transactional TV offerings. Align products are in over 30 million households worldwide available through the top 100 cable, DBS and telco operators.


Align provides a unique and highly trusted source for transactional television sales, programming and research to cable, satellite and telco providers from around the world. We are partners helping operators make informed decisions on how to optimize their programming and ensure delivery platforms are relevant for an ever changing audience.

  • Niche Content Aggregators
  • Sales Representation
  • Multi Channel Marketing Support
  • Data Driven Research
  • Experienced Analysis
  • Programming Strategists
  • Targeted Development
  • Branding
  • Video on Demand
  • Linear Pay per View
  • TV Everywhere
  • Over the Top
  • Mobile

Our team

Meet the minds behind Align Broadcasting. We've assembled a sales team with over 35 years of combined experience in transactional TV distribution, programming and research. Our passionate and proactive team is poised to deliver content efficiently and reliably.

Patrick Harrell

patrick harrell

VP / Sales & Marketing

Brett Boddell

brett lobdell

VP / Programming

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